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Practice, Practice, Practice

Each of us must allow ourselves to be a beginner ..yes I know its frustrating being a beginner hand letterer was one of the hardest struggles I ever had . Picking up that pen and failing at making each letter look like I wished was frustrating . But can you imagine all the pages I've doodled all the boards I have painted on ? And certainly don't compare yourselves to others we each learn at our own speed.
If you truly wish to become proficient you must be willing to set aside time to actually practice. We all have a million excuses not to but I have learned to set aside a minumum of 15 minutes each day just to doodle and write. Sometimes it's just scribblings or writing the same letter over.
Make time to practice and you will find a huge improve
I would love for you to join one of my classes in the future whether it be in my own home or online till them kept practicing
"Happiness handmade from Our Table to Yours"